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We Care! 

Love, Dignity, Respect


Our commitment to migrant communities is the strength of this grassroots effort!

Thank you to all who supported our first fundraising event! 

Volunteer, participate, or donate.

And to those who have, thank you! 

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Please consider a donation to Bridge of Love Across the Border.  

"We are in uncertain times, but one thing is certain...We can't stop loving and caring for those in need. I want to tell you about my warrior sister Birdie Gutierrez. I know many of you already know her and her extraordinary work with Bridge of Love Across the Border, serving our families in Tijuana MX and San Diego who are seeking asylum.


She brought a group of people together she calls Earth Angels to take donations across the border. For two years they have been sending donations to thousands of asylum seekers, including our LGBTQ2S siblings seeking refuge. 


Birdie is the one who is an angel! And she is also a warrior that does not ever quit. It is time we come to her aid so she can continue her work on the frontlines during this crisis.


The Coronavirus aftermath is coming and we are going to have to stay united to continue the aid needed. I know whatever funds we raise she will distribute and use to maximize the support for those in need." 

                                                         ~ Sara Sandoval

COVID doesn't recognize nationalities! 

We continue to need your help! 

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Please consider a donation to Bridge of Love Across the Border.  

With your help, asylum seekers will stay healthy, and no donation is ever too small!  Your gift of warmth and happiness lets them know we care." 

If you'd prefer an in-kind donation, we are in need of warm clothes, blankets, diapers, and toiletries.  

We've established a schedule for our Caravana de Amor (Love Caravan) to deliver the generous community donations to asylum organization in Tijuana. 

Please contact Birdie Gutierrez for drop off schedules and locations, as well as more information on the Love Caravans. 


Thank you to all who make the Bridge of Love possible! 

Our Story

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Co FOunder.jpg

Co-founders Birdie Gutierrez & Sarina Ifelayo

"We want migrants to know that many on this side of the border cared about their dignity.
And for your help, we  thank you from the bottom of our  hearts!"

This Bridge of Love Across the Border started in 2018 when the last Central American caravan arrived at the Tijuana border. After seeing so many families and their children sleeping out in the cold waiting to be interviewed for political asylum, many folks from this side of the border started sending help.


Donations Changing Lives! 

Get Involved

No donation is too small! 

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Items:There are 8,000 refugees at our border waiting to be interviewed for asylum or waiting for a hearing. They are in dire need of basic necessities. With your help we can use these funds to continue sending clothes, food, toiletries, shoes, diapers, baby food, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, tarps and also to pay for storage space to accept donations. Our group's name is Bridge of Love Across the Border and we have been sending support across the border for over a year but we need your help to continue providing these much needed items for families seeking refuge. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! ♥

Volunteer:  we are always looking for people to join us across the border to deliver donations.

Donate On-line directly at our Go Fund Me page

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