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COVID has NO nationality... 

We continue to need your help! 

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Please consider a donation

to Bridge of Love Across the Border.  

With your help, asylum seekers will get the help they need, especially during these trying times. No donation is ever too small!  Your gift of warmth and happiness lets them know we care. 

If you'd prefer an in-kind donation, we are in need of warm clothes, blankets, diapers, and basic necessities.  Please contact Birdie Gutierrez for drop off schedules and locations. 


Thank you to all who make the Bridge of Love possible! 

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Please donate to Bridge of Love Across the Border. ♥ We are 100% grass roots human rights activist volunteers. We depend completely on the generosity of our donors and volunteers to help and support our families seeking refuge and asylum, whether it be by donating goods, volunteering or donating online at our go fund me page.



Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Contact me to schedule  an in-kind donation 


Make a donation‏ via our go-fund-me page

Deliver Donations

we are always in need for drivers to take donations across the border!